Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Soul of the Earth

The Soul of the Earth
copyright Patricia M. Shannon 2000

When I go up to the woods
all my troubles seem to fade out of sight,
all my worries seem to roll off my back,
and I'm one with the world.

When I walk in the woods,
oh, what wonders I do behold,
as the cycle of life now unfolds
before my wondering eyes.

When I'm filled up with darkness
and I'm deep in despair,
I go up to the woods
where my soul I repair.

And the peace of the woods
soothes my soul when I am hounded by machines,
and the sweet-smelling soft earth
soothes my feet when they are pounded by concrete.

The trees provide a shelter
from the scorching summer sun;
a home for frogs and porcupines
where sparkling streams do run.

We must protect our forests
so our children still will know
the joy and peace that can be found
in a woodland grove.

But the peace of the woods
is now shattered by the sounds of machines,
as the sweet-smelling, soft earth
is now covered by a sea of hard concrete.

The living trees are cut down,
and replaced by sawed-up boards;
The birds and squirrels have lost their nests,
and the bobcat is no more.

And they say that it is progress,
but will you tell me, please,
where will we go to ease our souls,
when they've cut down all the trees.


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