Friday, September 12, 2014

A Piece of Paradise

(When I wrote this, I thought it might be bull frogs who made the sounds like a giant rubber band being plucked . Recently, thanks to the Internet, I found that they are green frogs. But "some bull frogs" sounds better and is easier to sing than "some green frogs", so I'm not changing it.)

A Piece of Paradise
copyright 2001 Patricia M. Shannon

Walking my dog in the evening,
I hear the crickets call.
How peaceful is the quiet
after the sun falls.

I feel I've found a piece of paradise
to spend delightful days,
listening to the sounds of nature
and watching the squirrels play.

After spending too much time
cooped up in a cube,
I feel full of freedom
when I come out to the woods.

Breathing in the clear, clean air,
I feel so energized;
I need the comfort of the woods
more than I realize.


Stopping by a waterfall,
much to my delight,
I see a mini-rainbow
shining in the bright moonlight.

A hooty owl says "Who are you?"
A loon sings a jazz song.
The stars put on a light show.
while some bull frogs thrum along.



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