Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Children of War

You can listen to Kemp Jones great song "Children of War" at


He wrote it after seeing a news story that showed a child who said "We children don't need war, we need chocolate".

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Anonymous said...

Patricia Shannon,

As you know we are on different sides of many issues. However, let me offer a story that may hopefully help you.

Years ago, I debated a lady via Email. We knew of each other through environmental circles. Eventually I received an Email from her to the effect “if you get this Email I am no longer…” I contacted mutual friends confirming that she was gone.

I asked what had happened and they explained the sad truth. They indicated that they would have helped her, had they known of her problems. Sadly, they didn’t and the story did not have a happy ending.

I can’t tell you who might be able to help you find gainful employment or what to do. However, you might have more potential sources of support than you know.

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