Friday, June 16, 2006

Offending delicate sensibilities

The Senate Judiciary Committee gave a nod Thursday to a constitutional amendment to protect the American flag from desecration.

I used to get teary-eyed over the American flag. But that was before the conservatives turned it from a symbol of our country, into a symbol of silliness and there eagerness to punish people. Protestors who burn the American flag are annoying, but they do it for the very reason that it gets a strong reaction from immature people. We tell our children to ignore teasing, that reacting simply encourages it, but these congress people are setting a poor example. If you are a wienie with such a delicate sensibility that you simply can't bear to watch attention seekers damage the flag, then turn the channel, or go in another room or something. Burning the flag produces a little bit of air pollution. The big vehicles many people drive do far more harm to our country than a few attention-seeking flag burners. My pets are too smart to do tricks for a picture of a treat.

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