Monday, March 13, 2006

Fair is fair

There is plenty to legitimately criticize in the Bush's administration lack of timely response to hurricane Katrina. However, I think it's unfair to criticize Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for going shopping for shoes while hurricane Katrina was ravaging the Gulf Coast. The Secretary of State deals with other countries. What do people think she should have done? What did her critics do during the hurricane? I admire the people who collected supplies and drove down there, but I have to admit I couldn't afford to do that. How many of Ms. Rice's critics did that? None that I know of. Since the Republicans have been so savage and unfair toward Democrats, acting like piranhas, does not mean Democrats should do the same. There is plenty of legitimate criticism that can be made. Something I would like to know is how much Ms. Rice donates to charities that aid the unfortunate, such as the hurricane Katrina victims.

I haven't seen anybody take note of where people such as the secretary of education or the head of the FDA were when hurricane Katrina was devastating the Gulf Coast, as they did for Condoleeza Rice. Is it because Condoleeza is a high-powered woman?

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