Saturday, November 19, 2005

Anybody can do it

A letter or vent to the AJC withing the last couple of days said that since it only took him/her a week to find a place to live when they got a job in town, that means it should be possible for all the FEMA people in hotel rooms to do the same. Of course, the letter writer was presumbably able to afford a deposit. We should not pay for hotel rooms for the hurricane victims forever, but surely two weeks notice just before Thanksgiving is not reasonable, given the number of people.
People frequently say that since they or somebody else was able to do something, that proves that everybody can do the same thing.
That's ridulous. Some people can run a mile in four minutes. Einstein discovered the theary of relativity by thinking about it. That doesn't mean that everybody can.
Even in cases where most people are capable of a certain feat, the fact that anybody can do something doesn't mean that everybody can do it. Eg., anybody who can afford to buy a lottery ticket can win. But of course, everybody can't win, or there would be no reason to have a lottery in the first place, because it's purpose is to raise money, which means it cannot pay out as much as it takes in. This may seem obvious to you, but I have had a person deny this, and get really mad at me! If there are fewer job openings than there are qualified people, some people can get a job, but it is impossible that they all get these jobs, at least at the same time. If this seems obvious, I guarantee there are many people who don't seem to be able to understand that simple fact.

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