Saturday, August 05, 2017

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Don't click 'like' on Facebook again until you read this

The polygamous town facing genetic disaster

Innocent Ex-Alabama Death Row Inmate Seeking Compensation for ‘30 Years of Hell’

How to Cool Down a Hot Car Faster to Cool Down a Hot Car Faster

We’ve Used Up The World’s Resources For The Year And It’s Only August
Because the world is using more and more resources relative to the planet’s ability to replenish itself, Earth Overshoot Day–the point at which global demand exceeds global supply–is earlier and earlier. Last year, the day fell on August 8. This year, it fell on August 2. Twenty years ago, it was still in October.

Planet Has Just 5 Percent Chance to Reach Paris Goal

US officially tells UN it wants out of Paris climate deal

three responding officers were taken to a hospital for possible exposure to synthetic opioid fentanyl after three other men apparently overdosed in a vehicle before it crashed.

Blast rocks Bloomington Islamic center

Extreme weather seen killing 152,000 Europeans a year by 2100

Neil Young Plans Online Archive With Full Catalog, Unreleased Music

Extreme weather seen killing 152,000 Europeans a year by 2100

Understanding how persuasion works can make consumers more savvy

Yoga effective at reducing symptoms of depression

Age of first exposure to pornography shapes men's attitudes toward women

How Congress Is Cementing Trump's Anti-Climate Orders into Law

Electric cars are pollution shifters: we will need huge investment in generation capacity

GOP states move to cut Medicaid

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