Thursday, August 31, 2017

Computer woes - hibernate fixed.

I am really mad. I can no longer hibernate my laptop. I had found out how to implement this. When I went to close down yesterday to go to a meeting, I didn't have time to wait for updates, and had to make it Sleep, which uses battery power. In some circumstances, like if I had to evacuate during an emergency, this would have been a really big problem. I suspect it was from a Windows 10 update, unless it was something Dell did when they had it to replace their defective speaker.

It is also not environmental friendly to force the computer to use power when I'm not using it.


Dell told me how to get hibernate back.
At the command prompt, type:

powercfg /h /type full

It should return a message like:

The hiberfile size has been set to: 1659109376 bytes.

If I have problems having enough system memory available to run what I need, I now know what to look for to adjust the hiberfile size.

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