Friday, August 25, 2017

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What's the matter with some people? Now some people are blaming the company that made the torches the white supremacists used in Charlottesville. So we do we need to find out what brand of matches they used to light them, so we can make a big fuss about that? And if the KKK wears sheets, do we need to find out what company made the sheets?
A lot of people on both sides are using recent events to indulge their animalistic instincts to find any excuse to attack.

If you don't believe science or news, disregard the hurricane warnings, stay in place, and pray. Isn't whatever happens to you God's will?
Good thing there are experience government employees at federal agencies like FEMA, since Trump has not bother to fill posts.
Anybody want to take my bet that Texas will ask for federal funds to help with the results of hurricane Harvey?

At least 160 water rescues, 1 death in Kansas City area flooding

Probe Investigators Find Another Email From A Trump Top Aide About A Russia Meeting

Lawyers: Massachusetts withheld evidence about Breathalyzers

Remnants of Hurricane Gert Made It All the Way to Ireland, United Kingdom

How ordinary people made Charlottesville possible

Trump’s science envoy quits in scathing letter with an embedded message: I-M-P-E-A-C-H

Former Lottery Executive Gets 25 Years for Rigging Numbers in Four States

Why being awkward makes you more likely to succeed
Ty Tashiro

An Antidote to Incivility
Christine Porath

Millennials: The Greatest Generation or the Most Narcissistic?
Jean M. Twenge

This map shows the real value of $100 in every state

Hillary Clinton's Side of the Story Matters, Too
She was stalked by Trump at the debate, and stalked by The New York Times long before that.

Former CIA agent wants to buy Twitter to kick Trump off

IRS: Identity Theft on Business Tax Returns Soaring

Blacks for Trump guy has some deeply weird views about Cherokees, Masons and Obama

4 things to do with your solar eclipse glasses

Here’s why new home sales tanked

He voted for Trump and sorely regrets it

How to tell if your tax preparer is a crook

New evidence indicates Nixon himself tried to sabotage Vietnam War peace talks

Facebook 'dark ads' can swing political opinions, research shows

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