Monday, June 06, 2016

Three dead and more missing in fierce storms on Australia's east coast

Chiara Palazzo, Sydney Jonathan Pearlman, Sydney
6 June 2016

Heavy storms and flooding across eastern Australia have left three people dead and at least three missing, including a swimmer at Sydney's Bondi beach.

The ferocious weather caused king tides which smashed into the coast, eroding entire beaches and destroying waterfront houses in some of Sydney’s most exclusive neighbourhoods.

Authorities have warned of further flooding and coastal erosion as the weather continues in the coming days. In the state of New South Wales, 23 rivers are at risk of overflowing.

The low pressure system whipped up giant waves of more than 40 feet across the coast, which delighted surfers but left beachside properties in tatters.


The Insurance Council of Australia said more than 11,000 claims have been made, with estimated insured losses of about £20 million [$28,932,900].

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