Monday, June 20, 2016

Trump wants to win

I sometimes see people opining that Trump doesn't really want to be president. This after top Republicans met with him, and the result was that he toned down his rhetoric, reading from a teleprompter. Now Corey Lewandowski has been dismissed from Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Lewandowski said that his strategy to "let Trump be Trump" has been successful. This strategy was successful during the primaries, so it is no surprise Trump continued with it during the primaries.

Now that the primaries are over, and he is competing with Clinton, the polls show that he will lose. The dismissal of Lewandowski appears to indicate that he is unhappy about the prospect of losing, and plans to make changes to avoid that.

Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:20pm EDT
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Trump fires campaign manager Lewandowski, gives Manafort the job
NEW YORK/WASHINGTON | By Emily Flitter and Emily Stephenson
(Reporting by Doina Chiacu; Writing by Jonathan Allen; Editing by Bill Trott and Jonathan Oatis)

Donald Trump fired Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager who helped him win the Republican Party's presidential nominating contests but has clashed with other advisers on how to appeal to the broader general electorate, several people with knowledge of the decision said on Monday.


Lewandowski was often at odds with Paul Manafort, a prominent strategist Trump hired in April partly for having experience on presidential campaigns that Lewandowski lacked, according to people close to the campaign.

Manafort will take over as campaign manager, accordi


Some of Trump's staff viewed Lewandowski as opposing strategic changes and staff hires urged by Manafort as needed to take on Clinton, the likely Democratic Party candidate, according to three people close to the campaign.


Lewandowski, a former New Hampshire field director for a conservative advocacy group, argued that Trump's unconventional campaigning style did not need to be changed after it proved successful in the last few months of primary contests.

Lewandowski repeatedly defended that strategy with a line that became his mantra: "Let Trump be Trump."


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