Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hate is not cause, not the answer

Some thoughts on the horrible shooting this morning at the gay nightclub.

Plenty of people of different religions in this country have been encouraging anger & hate. Eg., Trump & other Republicans. And plenty of "Christians" have promoted hatred, esp. against gays. This culture of hate leads to things like the horrible shooting this morning. Now some are using this as an excuse to promote hatred against Muslims, which Trump has already been doing. So we might soon see some hateful scum committing terrorist attacks against Muslims. Don't try to convince me that humans are rational, and some special kind of non-animal creature.

I find it disgusting that most of the Facebook posts I see stemming from the horrible attack this morning are about whether or not gums should be allowed, not about the culture of hatred that led to this. From previous research, it almost sure that this man was harshly treated as a child.

From Trump's comments, he is either a total idiot, or he knows that his hate talk may incite violence from Muslim extremists, and is doing so on purpose for political gain.

I appreciate the police who stopped the gunman. Police need to be trained to try to disable people w/o necessarily killing them. It won't always be possible, but it could decrease the number of innocent people killed, and it could allow us to question people like the nightclub shooter and learn more that could help us avoid such things in the future, or at least avoid inaccuratel, often inflammatory, guesses about motivation.

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