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Half of Thailand's Weather Sites Break All-time Heat Records in 42 Days

By: Christopher C. Burt , 9:09 PM GMT on May 30, 2016

All-time national heat records have been set this past April and May in India, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and the Republic of Maldives. The unprecedented heat has killed hundreds in India and dozens in Thailand so far. But nothing in the record books can compare to what has recently occurred in Thailand: a large country with over 120 meteorological sites that has seen half of its official weather stations break their all-time heat records. Here are the details.

We knew the ‘super’ El Nino this past year would have a big affect on the world’s climate. It did not produce the hoped for big rains in California but it did produce the heat and drought in Southeast Asia as forecast. Of all the countries effected the most by this event Thailand has proven to see something exceptional weather-wise: more than half of all the country’s official weather sites reported their all-time heat records during the months of April and May. Thailand’s meteorological service only dates back to 1951 but it is a large country with over 120 official observation sites and a sophisticated observation network. Thus it is truly amazing that at least 66 of these 120 sites measured their hottest temperature on record during the brief period of April 10-May 22.

Before I go into the details about Thailand, here is a brief recap of the new national all-time heat records set since April 1st (you will recognize some of the information below from my previous blog):


On May 19th a weather site in Phalodi, Rajasthan registered a 51.0°C (123.8°F) temperature, the highest temperature ever measured in India. The previous record was an unofficial 50.6°C (123.1°F) at Pachpadra, Rajasthan on May 25, 1886.


The warmest reading so far observed anywhere in Asia this spring has been a 52.2°C (126.0°F) at Larkana in Pakistan on May 19th.


National all-time record high of 42.6°C (108.7°F) set at Preah Vihea on April 15th. This surpassed the record set just two days previously at Bantey Ampil (42.2°C/108.0°F on April 13th). Prior to this year, the maximum measured temperature in Cambodia was 41.4°C (106.5°F) at Stoeng Treng in 1960.



National all-time record high of 42.3°C (108.1°F) set at Seno on April 13th. This surpassed the former record of 42.0°C (107.6°F) record at Savannakhet in March 1933. An all-time national record high minimum temperature was measured at Takhek on April 13th when the low fell to only 30.5°C (86.9°F).


Republic of Maldives

In the Maldives a national record high of 35.0°C (95.0°F) was observed at Hanimadhoo on April 30th edging out the previous record of 34.8° (94.6°F) set at Kadhdhoo on March 27, 1999


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