Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Conservatives prefer using nouns, new research finds

It seems to me that this also leads to conservatives being more judgmental and intolerant of others, and thinking in simplistic terms.


Public Release: 24-Feb-2016
Conservatives prefer using nouns, new research finds
University of Kent

New transatlantic research led by a psychologist at the University of Kent suggests conservatives prefer using nouns.


The researchers, led by Dr Aleksandra Cichocka of the University's School of Psychology, also established that conservatives generally, to a greater degree than liberals, tend to refer to things by their names, rather than describing them in terms of their features. An example would be saying someone 'is an optimist', rather than 'is optimistic'.

This use of nouns, rather than adjectives, is seen to preserve stability, familiarity and tradition - all of which appear to be valued more highly by conservatives than liberals.

Because nouns 'elicit clearer and more definite perceptions of reality than other parts of speech', they satisfy the desire for 'structure and certainty' that is common among social conservatives, the research authors found.


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