Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Living longer and healthier in mind but not in body


Public Release: 8-Dec-2015
Living longer and healthier in mind but not in body
Newcastle University

Women are now spending fewer years with cognitive impairment but more years with disability compared to 20 years ago, new research has revealed.

Experts have shown that between 1991 and 2011 women's life expectancy at age 65 increased by 3.6 years but they identified that the female body doesn't age as well as its mind.

A study by Newcastle University, UK, and the University of Cambridge, UK, published in The Lancet, has revealed that women lived approximately 2.5 months less with moderate or severe cognitive impairment and six months fewer with mild cognitive impairment, such as problems with memory and thinking.

However, this is balanced by the fact that at age 65 females now spend around seven months more with moderate or severe disability and 2.5 years more with mild disability.

Meanwhile, overall men's life expectancy increased by 4.5 years but they had only 1.3 years more with mild disability and there was no increase in the years spent with moderate or severe disability, or mild or worse cognitive impairment.


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