Sunday, March 07, 2021

Lousy Microsoft - problem fixed Mar. 7, 2021

Mar. 6, 2021

Microsoft did a big update today, and now I can't hear any audio on my computer.  And there is a concert tonight I was going to listen to.  I have been trying to fix it, doing what there "support" and "help" suggest, reinstalling drivers, restarting the computer, wasting a lot of time

Mar. 7, 2021

Happy day, my sound is back. Before I turned off my computer last night, I looked at "Check for Updates" again. Under optional updates, there were several driver updates that it said if you have a specific problem one of them might help, but that usually drivers would be automatically updated when needed. The first one was "Intel - Other hardware - Intel(R) Integrated Sensor Solution". It looked the most promising, so I chose it. So it would have gotten updated when I turned my computer off and on. And now my sound is back. So now I'm wondering if maybe I should install the others.
Note that I got no help from Microsoft, I had to root around and find it myself.

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