Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Thoughts on the impeachment debate

Jan. 13, 2021

NPR commenter just said that Clinton and Trump impeachment shows that members of Congress  won't vote to impeach a president of their party.  This is silly.   republicans impeached Clinton for lying having sex outside marriage.  It was obvious the whole thing was just an excuse to try to embarrass a popular president of the other party, especially considering the licentious behaviour of many of those republicans.

 I feel unhappy that Pence chose not to remove Trump from power.  Every day as long as Trump is president, I feel stressed out and worried about what Trump will do to our country.  I hope that Pence has reason to believe that if Trump orders a branch of government to act against our country, that he will not be obeyed.

The comments by some (not all) of the republicans speaking at the impeachment hearing are simultaneously repugnant and hilarious, because of their lies and hypocrisy.

Conservatives like to use punishment for misbehavior, but now they are calling for kindness and forgiveness of Trump. 

Anybody who has not lived a cloistered life knows that if people like Trump and his mob are not opposed, they will get worse.  I don't want revenge, or punishment for the sake of sadistic enjoyment, like many conservatives, but I very much want Congress to take steps that will make their dangerous behaviour less likely.

 Some are saying it's too late for impeachment to matter.  But they know the impeachment can result in a prohibition from Trump running for political office again, and being motivated to continue to encourage damage to our country for the purpose of garnering votes.

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