Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Clinton, Trump Latest Popular Vote Election Results


By Clark Mindock @clarkmindock On 12/06/16 AT 11:46 AM
International Business Times

Hillary Clinton, who lost the Electoral College to President-elect Donald Trump in November, extended her popular vote lead over her former challenger Tuesday to a tally that is far larger than any other election in history where the candidate who lost the election won in the popular vote.

As of Tuesday morning, Clinton leads Trump 65,467,571 to 62,813,613, according to voter data from the Cook Political Report — a margin of 2,653,958 votes. That lead represents nearly a 2.1 percent edge in the popular vote as a whole.

In 13 swing states that played an oversized role in electing the next president, however, Trump has maintained a healthy lead. Trump leads Clinton in those states 22,238,917 to 21,418,687, an 820,230 vote advantage. The lead in those swing states may overstate how many voters played a crucial role in electing the next president, as the Washington Post argued last week, since the deciding swing states — Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — were decided by an accumulative 79,646 votes.


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