Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Analog household battery chargers are still available.

I'm very happy I found an analog battery tester, for testing household batteries, at Howard Brothers Duluth Hardware store. I had looked for one in several places, and if they had battery testers, they were digital ones that required a battery to test your battery! At first I was thinking how dumb, then I realized it is very clever, because it means you have to buy keep buying batteries. Clever but evil, because batteries are horrible for the environment. I love my digital camera, which requires batteries, so I use rechargeable batteries and a solar battery charger. But it doesn't have an indicator for when the batteries are fully charged, and doesn't have an automatic cutoff. It's been working well enough. I use them until the camera says the battery is low, then swap them with the ones from the battery charger, but I did want to be able to verify I wasn't overcharging.

The web site for the one I got showed Howard Brothers Hardware as a source, but they also showed Lowe's as carrying them, but the Lowe's nearest me didn't have them. The clerk said they used to have them.

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