Monday, July 18, 2016

30 percent of female physicians report sexual harassment

Public Release: 17-May-2016
30 percent of female physicians report sexual harassment
Study is 'sobering reminder' of gender equity gap
University of Michigan Health System

In a survey of high-achieving physician-scientists, nearly a third of women reported experiencing sexual harassment.


Women were more likely than men to report both perceptions and experiences with gender bias: 70 percent of women vs. 22 percent of men perceived gender bias, and 66 percent of women vs. 10 percent of men said they experienced gender bias.

In addition, 30 percent of women compared to 4 percent of men said they had experienced sexual harassment in their professional careers.


As women now make up about half of medical school students, the researchers emphasize the importance of recognizing unconscious bias as well as overtly inappropriate behaviors.

"We need to recognize the degree to which sexual harassment and gender inequality continue to be an issue in academic medicine," Jagsi says. "Women who experience these types of harassment may be less likely to report these incidents if they feel they are unique and aberrational. Our data shows this is not an unusual situation and reflects a larger societal problem."

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