Friday, May 06, 2016

Green and lack of regulation leads to big sinkholes in neighborhood

Conservatives, libertarians, and anarchists will be happy that there was no government interference in the effort of the builder to make as much money as possible.

LaTasha Givens, WXIA 3:25 PM. GMT April 24, 2016

ALPHARETTA, GA. - It’s a strange problem 15 years in the making – sinkholes are popping up in Alpharetta subdivisions

Several homeowners alerted 11Alive News to the large holes which didn’t exist when the houses were built, but have become major headaches to homeowners like Jeremy Gilbertson.

Walking into Gilbertson's backyard is like stepping into a mini land fill. He recently started noticing what appears to be sinkholes around his property, all several feet deep.

As he looked at what was inside the ground, he found debris and materials often seen on construction sites – everything from tree logs to trash bags to metal scraps.


11Alive reached out to officials with the Environmental Protection Division and they say this is a growing problem that's popping up now 15 years after the housing boom. They said there are at least three other homes in that same subdivision with the same issue.

The EPD says homeowners can take civil action against the builder, but in this case the company that built Gilbertson’s home no longer exists.

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