Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The good far outweigh the bad

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From a Reddit post. Good to remember, as we reel in horror from today's events.

"Think of it this way (at least this helps me get through sometimes). There's 7.4 billion people in the world. 7,400,000,000. Out of those 7.4 billion you have engineers, doctors, fast food workers, pilots, preachers, criminals, and everything that there is to be.

Now, think about how easily any one of those 7.4 billion could cause major harm to others...but doesn't. How easily an engineer in the US could build an IED and position it to near perfectly destroy the infrastructure he or she designed. How easily a pilot could bring a plane down in Cairo or London and kill hundreds in the process. How easily a McDonald's worker could slip poison or disease into batches of fries. But we don't see this. These things don't happen because at the end of the day, the majority of humans aren't out to get you. They're just going through their lives like everyone else, working to thrive and chasing their dreams.

We have law enforcement around the globe show up to work everyday to protect people they don't know, doctors and nurses willing to expose themselves to deadly diseases to save a life of someone simply because they are human. Disasters see the ugly side of human nature with looting and perhaps even causation, but they also see a global outpouring of support unlike anything else. Blood, food, shelter and funds, things we cherish so deeply, are donated without thought of reward. These are not the actions of a malicious species.

There's good and bad in everyone, but don't let the bad in a few be sensationalised and outweigh the good in the many."

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