Thursday, June 11, 2020

DoJ push to dismiss Michael Flynn case a 'gross abuse of power', ex-judge finds

Associated Press
Wed 10 Jun 2020 13.15 EDT
Last modified on Wed 10 Jun 2020 13.20 EDT

A former federal judge appointed to review the justice department’s motion to dismiss criminal charges against former national security adviser Michael Flynn has found that the government’s request should be denied because there is “clear evidence of a gross abuse of prosecutorial power”.

Former US district judge John Gleeson said in a filing on Wednesday that the government “has engaged in highly irregular conduct to benefit a political ally of the president”.


“The government’s ostensible grounds for seeking dismissal are conclusively disproven by its own briefs filed earlier in this very proceeding,” Gleeson wrote. “They contradict and ignore this court’s prior orders, which constitute law of the case. They are riddled with inexplicable and elementary errors of law and fact. And they depart from positions that the government has taken in other cases.”

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