Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We Can’t Really Throw Things Away

We Can’t Really Throw Things Away
Copyright 2011 Patricia M. Shannon

Oh, we can’t really throw things away,
we can’t really throw things away;
they’ll come back to haunt us, come back to taunt us;
we can’t really throw things away.

(1st verse)
The plastic bags we throw away
can end up in oceans or lakes;
get eaten by creatures who think they are food,
and die from a big tummy ache.

(chorus) ‘Cause we …

(2nd verse)
The plastic we throw out, the pills that we take,
contaminate water so bad,
it can make little girls grow up way too fast,
and boys might never be dads.

(chorus) ‘Cause we …

(3rd verse)
The gases that come from the tailpipes of cars,
and spew out from our factories
can give us cancer, rot lungs and brains,
and are bringing the whole earth to its knees.

(chorus) ‘Cause we …

The sheet music to my song "We Can’t Really Throw Things Away" is available at the following link.

The mp3 of the melody is at

I created the sheet music with MagicScore Note

To create the PDF, I used CutePDF
When CutePDF installs, it creates a virtual printer that creates a PDF file
So when I did a "print" with MagicScore, I specified the CutePDF printer, and instead of sending the info to a printer, it created a PDF file.

I also used MagicScore to create a MIDI file.
I then used the MIDI to MP3 Converter from Piston Software
to create the mp3 file.

Feel free to use it for non-commercial purposes consistent with it's message. (I would only expect royalties if someone were making a significant amount of money from it.)

If anybody does use it, I would appreciate knowing about it, so I know I haven't just wasted my time :)

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