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If You’re A Liberal, Stop Sharing Links From These Fake News Sites, update 7/2/2017

I haven't looked at all of these web sites, but the ones I have I agree should be disregarded.

To avoid confustion, I'll list the sources he recommends is a separate post.

Discovered this to add to the list. 7/2/2017

December 19, 2016 Manny Schewitz

In the wake of the 2016 election, a lot of media coverage has been given to fake news websites. People from California to Macedonia, and around the rest of the world made a lot of money posting highly exaggerated or completely fake news stories. Now we’re paying the price as Donald Trump has been officially confirmed as our next president by the Electoral College.

Leading up to the election, spammers representing a myriad of fake news websites infested nearly every Facebook group I belong to. People in these groups then turned around and shared these stories as factual, because they wanted to believe in what was being stated, even if there was no truth to them at all.


Unfortunately, there are quite a few websites out there with large Facebook pages posting their links that do not stand up to a quick fact check. I’m not going to talk about the plethora of fake sites on the right, because we should already be able to recognize them, but I’m not ruling out doing an article on that subject in the future.

Whether you realize it or not, running a website is usually done to make a profit. In the interest of full disclosure Modern Liberals barely breaks even, but that’s because we do not have special interest funding, nor do we publish fake news or steal other people’s content to get easy traffic.


The following is a list of Facebook pages and websites on the left that utilize a number of shady practices, including playing fast and loose with the truth for profit. If you call yourself an informed liberal, please stop sharing from them if you haven’t already.


Addicting Info
American News X
Bipartisan Report
Cop Block
Daily Kos (Blog)
Daily News Bin
Forward Progressives
Hostile Politics
Liberal America
Liberals Unite
Counter Current News
Greenville Gazette
The Anti Media
Natural News (conservative site often used by conspiracy lefties
New Century Times
Occupy Democrats
Palmer Report
Reverb Press
Alternative Media Syndicate
The Free Thought Project
US Uncut
Winning Democrats

Some of these sites use fake news stories to cater to bias confirmation on the left, and others like Cop Block or Natural News pretend to be advocacy organizations while pushing anti-government conspiracy agendas.


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