Friday, October 28, 2016

Do Trump & NPR condemn children who sell Girl Scout cookies & band candy to their parents?

It is really warped to criticize the Clintons for getting some donations for their charity from people who paid Bill Clinton for speeches, esp. for Trump to do so. The fact that they used their contacts to get some donations for their charity shows that they were not only out for what they could get for themselves, unlike Trump. NPR repeated Trumps statements yesterday and today. Who knows how many days they will keep it up. But they don't point out that the money in the Clintons' charity goes to help poor people. They don't mention that Trump has used much of the money from his supposed charity for his personal use, and lied about where the money went. NPR said Bill Clinton gave speeches to "get rich". I have never heard them criticize Trump for wanting to be rich. They didn't mention that all presidents get paid for making speeches. They don't mention the huge debts the Clintons occurred by Republicans trying to sue and impeach them. They didn't mention that Trump has threatened to sue them after the election. They don't mention that some Republicans have already threatened to try to impeach Hillary if she is elected.

Do Trump & NPR condemn children who sell band candy & Girl Scout cookies to their parents? Their parents who sell these things at work, for their kids? Stores that allow people to add on to their bill to donate for a worthy cause?

WikiLeaks continues firing blanks: Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation charity come up clean
By Thom Palmer | October 27, 2016

This article tackles the Wikileaks problem, followed by details on Clinton Foundation, which everyone should read up on. If you’re worried about today’s Wikileaks dump, it might be a good idea to fight back, but not worry too much. ALL Presidents make money on speeches and serve on boards of directors after they leave office. Money that Bill Clinton earned separate from the Clinton Foundation is not illegal or even unethical. If his relationships with these companies helped the Clinton Foundation raise money to help treat AIDS victims and fix a lot of other problems around the globe, then good for him.

Secondly, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that there is any connection between Bill’s paid speeches, etc and Hillary Clinton with regard to the State Department. Media cannot conflate the two and skew the story to make it look like a quid pro quo, or corrupt in any manner with a straight face. It’s all about raising their ratings, thereby improving their media profits. They DID NOT LIKE the fact that Hillary was running away with it, and viewers stopped watching in suspense. So in an effort to improve ratings, they’re insinuating that something wrong happened, which in turn gives Trump surrogates ammunition, which in turn tightens the race.


The fact: Clinton Foundation spends 89% on charity. Receives an “A” rating.

The Clinton Foundation is an aggressive program to tackle some of the worlds most pressing issues. These are issues that Americans are generally disconnected from. We feel bad, but have done little about it year after year, decade after decade. They work diligently toward the betterment of humanity, even in the face of constant scrutiny and lies. To be the subject of thirty years of abuse by a political party hell bent on destroying you, your spouse, and your family for political gain, yet still have it in your heart to fight on. It is truly inspirational. Below you’ll find highlights, along with some links which support this article for those who wish to look into it further. I’ll just keep saying it. 1990’s Republican hit man David Brock admitted that all these conspiracy theories are lies. He calls it a “right-wing factory of misinformation designed to destroy Bill Clinton’s Presidency and Hillary’s future political career”. When so many of these are proven fake you simply have a responsibility to ignore the flood of new fake scandals. They are all generated from the same factory of misinformation. The scandal and the conspiracy is the misinformation itself, generated by Republicans, not the Clinton family. Note: David Brock is now a Hillary Clinton supporter and fights the lies.


One of the greatest things about being an Ex-President is that you have an opportunity to do great things outside of the White House that you are unable to do while serving in the White House. Jimmy Carter has Habitat for Humanity, helping needy families build affordable homes for their families. The Reagan Research Institute works on Alzheimer’s research. The most extensive charitable organization by any President in history is the the Clinton Foundation. So much good is done here that adding the Foundation to the right-wing witch hunt against Hillary Clinton is downright evil.


[See link above for the many good things the Clinton Foundation is accomplishing.]


As James Carville stated recently “Media and Republicans will probably shut down the Clinton Foundation for political gain and advertising profits, and a lot of people will die that could have been saved. Someone’s going to hell over this crap.”

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