Sunday, September 11, 2016

Searching for evidence of Trump’s personal giving

See the link for charities Trump claimed to make donations to, and the results of the investigation.

By David A. Fahrenthold and Danielle Rindler August 18, 2016

For months, The Washington Post has been looking for evidence to back up a key claim Donald Trump makes about himself: that, in recent years, he has given millions of dollars to charity out of his own pocket. There is no evidence of that in the files of Trump's nonprofit, the Donald J. Trump Foundation. And Trump has not released his tax returns, which would detail his recent charitable giving.

In an effort to find proof of Trump's personal giving, The Post has contacted more than 250 charities with some ties to the GOP nominee. Some got money from the Trump Foundation (). In other cases, Trump had a personal connection () to the charity or its leaders . Some were charities that DonorSearch database records () indicated he might have given to. A variety of other reasons () included media mentions, gala attendance, or involvement with Trump's TV show "Celebrity Apprentice."

So far, The Post's search has turned up little. Between 2008 and this May — when Trump made good on a pledge to give $1 million to a veterans' group — its search has identified just one personal gift from Trump's own pocket.

Charity name
Last donation

9/11 Museum
Trump made a $100,000 donation from his foundation to this museum just before the New York GOP primary. He has never given his own money.

No response
Trump's nephew Fred Trump III is a major fundraiser for this Connecticut charity.

Achilles International Foundation

ACLU Foundation of Florida -- Broward
When this group honored a lawyer who is friends with Trump, he sent $325 from his foundation. Trump has never given the group his own money.

AIDS Project Los Angeles

AIDS Service Center NYC

AIPAC Tomorrow Campaign
Trump spoke to the influential pro-Israel lobbying group this year.

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