Monday, September 05, 2016

Greener cities become more unjust

Public Release: 20-Jul-2016
Greener cities become more unjust
The Greenlulus project (Green Locally Unwanted Land Uses) has been funded with 1.5 million Euros by the European Union
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


This is noticed in an extraordinary way in the residential areas near Poblenou Park, where neighbours with at least one university degree living less than 100 metres away from a green area have increased by 689% compared to 139% on average in Sant Martí. In the Parc de les Cascades, Port Olímpic, Nova Icària and Carles I, the increment was also significant.

The income of families living near the parks raised significantly (20.5% in Poblenou) and, in some cases, the presence of foreigners from Northern countries jumped by 3791% in the surrounding areas of the Poblenou park, compared to 228% on average in Sant Marti, while immigrants from Southern countries decreased.

In contrast, in some distressed neighbourhoods of Nou Barris and Sant Andreu where "greening" has not taken place, the number of vulnerable households has increased. It is believed that these low-income residents come from neighbourhoods which have gentrified as a result of environmental improvements.

Although neighbourhoods benefit from new green areas, in some of them it would be necessary to boost local trade as well as improve school quality and create new engines of economic activity for the most vulnerable residents.

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