Saturday, May 30, 2020

Lying by omission

May 30, 2020 3:27 am

A three person CNN crew were arrested at the protests -correspondent Omar Jimenez; Jimenez's producer, Bill Kirkos; and the cameraperson, Leonel Mendez. In the video CNN took, the first person speaking is presumably Jimenez. In to the video, Jimenez refers to "the four of us", so one person was not arrested. I notice that they don't try to record recognizable speech from the police. Their own statements are clear. Jimenez keeps saying things like "Tell us where to go", but the police reply is not recorded well enough to hear what the police are actually saying. Many reports note that Jimenez is a black Hispanic. Little note is taken of the other two men. I found that Bill Kirkos is apparently Caucasian, but various news media, including CNN have articles proclaiming that Jimenez, a person of color, was arrested. but another CNN reporter, in a location, who is Caucasian, was not. They don't mention that one of the people arrested with Jimenez is Caucasian.
It is the the shame of the news media that they work to promote division.
It our shame that we are so eager to let them.

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